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Dolphin Fishing Techniques
 an Ebook that combines great stories with tips and techniques for catching the Dolphin fish or Dorado. Written by professional commercial fisherman
  Captain Tommy Martin

Revised Edition  March 2016

Go Fishing with Captain Tom. If you find yourself in South Florida you can book a fishing trip with captain Tom just click on the link.

Ebooks are becoming more popular as the internet expands. People are finding that with an Ebook you can find a book to read online and within minutes can be reading that Ebook. So many paper books are becoming available in Ebook form such as novels, instruction manuals, nonfiction stories and biographies. Such a luxury, to be able to browse a library of Ebooks and find a good book from any location. A person can now buy an Ebook and not need a book shelf to store it. Some analysts are predicting the end of libraries with real paper books as we know them.
 For the saltwater sportsman there are now books emerging for them as well.

Have You Ever ...

- Ran Offshore 20 miles and not found Dolphin?

- Found fish but they wouldn't eat any of your baits?

- Burned up alot of money on fuel only to find small fish?

- Found some nice sized dolphin and lost the school while fighting   a fish?

- Had another boat come by and catch the very fish you worked so hard  to find?

- Stood in the tackle shop looking at all of those lures wondering which one to buy?

- Went dolphin fishing on a full moon and wondered if the fish were not going to feed?

- Gotten skunked?


Dolphin Fishing Techniques

Professional sport fishing Captain Tommy Martin, former commercial Dolphin fisherman, reveals his Dolphin Fishing Techniques along with other methods he has learned from other successful Captains he has known over the last 40 years, most of whom are no longer living. Captain Tommy doesn't just give you the information, he shares how he discovered and tested each technique. Getting his start as a commercial fisherman in Key West back in the 1980's, Tommy brought his knowledge with him to compete and win money in different fishing tournaments. He brought his successful techniques for catching Dolphin into the sport fishing world, where he is presently working.

Maximize Your Time, Energy, and Resources.
  Take These Tips and Techniques Out With You the Next Time You Go Dolphin Fishing To Maximize Your Efforts 


 Captain Tommy Martin

Call Them Dolphin, Mahi Mahi, or Dorado. Which ever name you give them they still taste great and are great fun to catch. My name is Captain Tommy Martin and I have taken many years of Dolphin fishing experience and painstakingly written this book. I have taken the observations recorded in my log books and created, what I hope is an entertaining and informative book for you. The best thing about being an online, instant download EBook is that I could include video and live links , and I can instantly send out any revisions or other editions to you at no charge.
 This is a great read! Just released 8/27/09

  Highlights Video of the 2009 Dolphin Fishing Season 


  Captain Tom,
  I enjoyed reading your book. I was out fishing on saturday and got into a school of dolphin that wouldn't eat our baits. I tried your chunking method and managed to catch a couple.
Thank You
Lighthouse point, Florida.



 Hello Captain,
Got your book and read the whole thing in one day. I have a new awareness of the water when I'm out there. The more I learn about the sea the more I realize how much I don't know. I plan on reading the book again in case I might have missed something.




Dear Capt.Tommy, 
I read your book and give it two thumbs up!  I like the way you don't just give a bunch of facts,  but that you weave the information through your personal experiences,   It makes the m  methods of fishing for Dolphin  much more clear and meaningful.  Sometimes, I felt like I was out in the boat with you. It's  easy to see that you enjoy yourself because you  exude an air of excitement and anticipation. Your  personal anecdotes makes it fun to read.
I can't wait to get back to  Florida   and put this all to good use.
P. Portillo


 Hey  Captain,

I really, truly enjoyed reading your book. My favorite chapter is "Signs of Life". My mind's light bulb went on after the first paragraph. Our Mahi season is winding down but I can apply what you taught me to tuna fishing this winter. I will recommend this book to anyone fishing the blue ocean.
Daniel Bennett
South Carolina


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Don't Go Dolphin Fishing Again Until You Read This Book!

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