world record rattle snake

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97 lb rattlesnake found in just north of Savannah 
9 feet, 1 inch - 97 lbs. - Biggest rattler found since Ross Allen captured one in 1969
that measured 9 feet, 1 inch but only weighed 78 lbs.
This old guy was found inside a open water tank near an abandoned chicken house.

world record rattlesnake
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 The Kids came running in the house screaming and crying about a snake in the back yard. I thought there was the usual garden snake making a dash across the open but the kids have never cried about seeing a snake. They told me it was a big one and I had to go outside and see it. There it was. A monster rattle snake. I ran back inside and got my hunting boots and my shotgun. I figured my boots would prevent the snake biting my leg but afterwards I realized this snake was big enough to strike me in the neck. I had to kill the snake because it came into the yard where my kids play and I never wanted to see him there again. I sold the snake to a guy for 500 bucks and bought an above ground pool for my youngsters.



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